Marketing Tips for Small Businesses during the Covid-19 Crisis

  • April 7, 2020
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There is little doubt that small businesses will be hurt the most in this on-going Covid-19 crisis. Small businesses tend to sustain with only a few months of cash flows at the most. When something as significant as this crisis hits, things could get devastating for the business owner and employees as well.


At Earn SEO, we are striving to help small businesses adopt a digital strategy that will help them come back stronger after the crisis is over. EarnSEO is offering a 20% discount to all business clients till April 30, 2020.


Find how Earn SEO can help small businesses to navigate through Covid-19, with smart digital marketing strategies.


1. Updating Your Local Listings


For local businesses, the first thing your customers will see in a search is directory listings. Make sure to highlight how the pandemic has changed your business operations on Google My Business (GMB) page or Yelp. You not only have to modify your working hours but also include appropriate messaging on what measures your business is taking to combat virus spread. This is important if you are still involved in business deliveries or in-store operations.


2. Creating Website Content for Local Search Results


Apart from your GMB profile, your website content will also determine how you rank on Google. This is the time to share valuable knowledge to people, to help them understand how the crisis is affecting your industry. Take a look at your site. Do you have appropriate content that answers possible questions about your products and services? Does your content have strategic placements of keywords, to make people easily find you on internet? Here are some other things to work on:

  • Create a landing page to collect subscribers
  • Connect an online store to reach customers
  • Create surveys to know what people want
  • Create automated emails to give customers updates on your product stocks and changes in operations.
  • Update website with fresh images
  • Ensure your page speed is optimum
  • Check your URL structure
  • Create FAQ sections to explain changes in policies and workflows due to the crisis

3. Create a Google Ads Campaign


If you want to advertise a special promotional offer for essential items or remind people about your products and services, use Google Ads to get your message across to more people. Google remarketing ads can help recapture the attention of people who browsed through your website, and remind them of the cool products they saw on other sites they visit.


The focus here is to concentrate on your existing customers. Can you offer additional products or services? Will it be possible to offer bulk discount?


4. Take Advantage of Surge in Online Shopping and Browsing


Send emails on abandoned product carts to remind them about the products and increase conversion rates. You can also send product retargeting emails to your subscribers to check out your best selling or recently added items.


5. Monitor Keyword Rankings and Google Search Console


It is important to monitor keyword changes on Google Search Console more frequently than you do. In times like this there will be significant shifts in demand, so you will see changes in search interest and user intent on online queries. Monitor them closely to adapt your content approach or business strategy.


6. Don’t Forget About Social Media Marketing


Revamp your social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with customers. Share your blog posts, videos and other content on these channels. Facebook has launched a business resource hub to help small businesses at this time. The Facebook Small Business Grants Program offers cash grants and ad credits to small businesses, in a bid to support them during Covid-19 outbreak.


Your SEO efforts shouldn’t stop due to the pandemic. It is the key to help you rebound swiftly after the crisis is over.


Contact Earn SEO today to take your marketing strategy in the right direction.

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