How SEO can respond during Covid-19 Pandemic?

  • April 6, 2020
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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to huge changes in marketing strategies. As all channels related to live events, conferences gradually disappear and huge barriers on face-to-face interactions pose huge challenges, businesses will become more dependent than ever on their digital marketing strategies.


Organic traffic has already seen huge drops in most industries including retail, food, software, telecom, travel and education. But, if a company is news sector or financial space, traffic has surged higher. To deal with this rapidly changing environment, businesses will have to re-think their SEO strategies so that they can continue to reach their audience. This is because organic search is a zero-sum game; your gains and losses depend on gains and losses of others in the SERPs. You can count on many businesses to ignore the SEO aspect, and as their engagement levels drop and they lose rankings across channels, you have the opportunity to stay ahead and come out on top.


Here are some SEO tricks to double down on your marketing efforts. As Warren Buffet says…… “Be greedy when other people are fearful”.


If you are looking for a SEO Agency, Earn SEO can help you. Here are some ways in which we can take your SEO strategy forward.


Ways in which Earn SEO can help in SEO Optimization during Covid-19 crisis:


1. Conduct an Audit of Your Online Content


While full-blown content audit takes time and expertise, start by doing a mini-content audit to improve content performance. On your Google spread sheet, make categories of content like:

  • Blogs
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers
  • Videos
  • Guest posts
  • Emails
  • Images and Infographics

Evaluate them to check which pieces can be re-purposed for other channels or which ones have maximum likes and shares. Search for the ones which have maximum backlinks. This could create opportunities for updating new keywords, including new CTAs, adding fresh content and more. People now are watching more videos on YouTube as they stay at home. Maybe you could re-purpose some previous content that had good traffic into a video format.


2. Start Shooting Videos


You could interview your employees and customers to share their unique experiences related to the spreading pandemic. Use tools like Zoom or Google Hangouts to record video calls. Create stories about how your staff or workforce is tackling customers on the front line, and what challenges they are facing. These transcripts and videos could be a rich source of insider info for your blog posts, social media posts and press releases.


Also videos can be a great way to target long-tail keywords, appear for searches in YouTube and trigger featured snippets, which can be great for SEO optimization. You could also use images from these videos, and add quotes to them and upload them on Instagram profile.


3. Getting Rid of Unnatural Links


Thousands of unnatural links on your website can cause you to lose ranking on the SERPS. There are many kinds of such links including link farms, low quality bookmarking sites, forum links, injected links and footer links. All these can incur Google penalties. It’s time to remove them from your website so that your SEO efforts can pay off.


4. Update Google My Business Profile for Local SEO Targets


Make sure to update your business description, working hours and special product offers on your Google My Business page. Let customers know how you are taking special steps to protect workers or store staff from getting infected. Ensure your contact information is correct so that people can reach you when they want.


5. Retuning Your Social Media Marketing


Social media gives ability to build camaraderie through various digital platforms. Now it’s important more than ever to adopt a tone that remains optimistic but not while making light of the situation. Content posting has to be done with this factor in consideration. When you share content on these platforms, you have to stay alert on the comments made. Social media can be used to spread a lot of misinformation, and such incidences on your site can harm your reputation. One way to generate some positivity is promoting some charities, or product discounts for essential products during this period. Something positive will catch the customer attention and bring them at the center of communications.


6. Working on Your Online Reviews


This is a time to make sure that most recent reviews have prompt and thoughtful replies. Respond tactfully to negative reviews and explain your problems in a pleasant manner. Have tools in place to monitor them and get alerts.


Brands that communicate with customers effectively and empathetically now will resonate the most after the crisis.  Contact Earn SEO to start optimizing your SEO strategy today!


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Earn SEO was established in 2011 by Devendra Mishra, a highly educated professional with varied training and experience. Mr. Mishra is responsible for business development, attracting new Earn SEO partners, and interacting with clients, the media and press, and acting as Brand Ambassador.

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