Don’s Footwear SEO Case Study


Don’s Footwear specializes in hand-made bespoke shoes, elevator shoes and Chelsea and Cuba boots that are highly comfortable and soothing for the feet besides being highly stylish. Started by Alan Donnelly in NY USA, the company shifted its factory to Bangkok in 2009 and currently offers over 160 styles. The company’s elevator shoes use the UK and US half size measurement with every half size differentiating by 2.5 millimeters as against the 6.6 mm leap in the European sizing system.

Offering a perfect size for everyone, Don’s shoes are available in the size range of 4 to 15 including every half size in between. The shoes on offer include the ones with classical styles and modern dynamic designs and are handcrafted from the best quality leather uppers and softest calf-skin liners.
Don’s Footwear had Less number of Traffics
Website had 10-15 Organic Traffic per day's
 Started working to increase the visibility of the website online by 175%
Overall Traffics by network increased by 350%


Although the company’s website had some respectable ranking on the search engine pages, it could not make it to the list of top ten for some specific and important keywords. These high-generating and important keywords were not getting reflected properly in Don’s Footwear’s website which was witnessing moderate traffic. So, what was required was special efforts to enhance the website’s visibility in terms of the important keywords so that the traffic could improve. The use and proper inclusion of important and traffic-generating keywords like ‘elevator shoes’ and ‘height increase shoes’ required a pushup.


Once Don’s Footwear approached Earn SEO for improving its website’s rankings and traffic, our team got to work. After a lot of discussions on important keywords, the Earn SEO team finalized a list. They also carried out a competitive analysis of the top three competitors of Don’s Footwear.

Our strategy for Don’s Footwear’s website included building best SEO practices like:

  • Inclusion of meta tags
  • On-page code optimization
  • Development of link popularity
  • Implementation of Web 2.0 tactics
  • Optimization of the web pages

Allan, the company’s promoter was incredibly happy with our efforts and said, "Earn SEO is very professional and responsive." He also appreciated our team’s efforts in making the company website more SEO-friendly and effective. Don’s Footwear commented that they were confident of working with the Earn SEO team.


Our team’s efforts to improve the SEO optimization of Don’s Footwear were received well. The website’s ranking improved significantly for several important keywords after a couple of months. Consequently, the website’s traffic improved from 4,500 in September to 10,000 in December.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Number of Ranked Kewords


Return on Investment