New York Banner Stands SEO Case Study


New York Banner Stands is a leading provider of innovative banner products that allow small business owners to showcase their presence in the NYC area. Known for its custom banner printing products, the company provides a range of products for trade shows, sidewalk displays, POP displays, and a variety of promotional events. Businesses looking for custom printed flags or flags for promotion, retractable banner stands of various types, steps, and repeat backdrops, and displays of various sizes and shapes.

Also included in their product offerings are roll-up and vinyl banners that offer the company’s clients the convenience of using them for a long time without worrying about storage or wear and tear. The company also takes bulk orders at discounted prices.
New York Banner Stands had Less number of Traffics
Website had 10-15 Organic Traffic per day's
 Started working to increase the visibility of the website online by 300%
Overall Traffics by network increased by 450%


Despite offering a wide range of products to suit the publicity needs of small businesses in the NYC area, could not find a good place in the top rankings of the search engines. The website was ranked quite below for all the keywords and this was constraining the company’s potential to grow. What was missing was good content, appropriate usage of the right keywords, and strong and popular links. Their website needed a lot of reworking in terms of keyword usage to make it SEO-friendly. Leading search engines recognize the popularity of websites based on the quality of links that point to it. What was required in the case of New York Banner Stands was increasing the number of quality links to their website. And these quality links are defined by the relevancy of content to the website.


Our team at Earn SEO met the client to have more clarity about their goal and conducted an audit of their website to find out what was required to make it search-engine friendly. Our team not only worked on making the website content keyword-rich but also SEO friendly. They also worked on meta tags, optimization of the page factors besides building strong link popularity which will result in improved SEO ranking. The clients were advised to add more pages with keyword-rich content.


Our efforts yielded the desired results and within the first four months of implementing SEO, the website of New York Banner Stands showed up high on the search pages of Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing. Consequently, the visits to their website increased by 50% and provided a big fillip to the company’s business. The client was extremely happy with our guidance and the resultant increase in their website’s visibility on search pages.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Number of Ranked Kewords


Return on Investment