SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics SEO Case Study


SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics is founded by Rolanna who is an acne expert and licensed esthetician in Staten Island. She has a Bachelor’s Degree as a Dietician and can help find the root of most types of skin complexities. Clients can get well-rounded care through Holistic Medicine attacking skin challenges from all angles; diet, skincare routines, the latest advancement in equipment and products.

They offer high-end services like deep cleaning facial, microdermabrasion facial, Geneo facial, teen anti-acne facial, gentleman’s facial and ProCell micro channeling. One can easily find a skin-care routine for dull complexion, fine lines, premature aging, clogged pores and sun damage.

SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics started losing traffic 
Website Traffic Reduced by 95%.
 Started working to increase the visibility of the website online by 400%
Overall Traffics by network increased by 200%


SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics has a robust online footprint. It spans multiple platforms, devices and channels including its own domains. But they were facing issues like low exposure which hampered the company’s profit margin. What was missing was good content and strong internal and external linking that can make their website rank higher and get found on search engines. It lacked structured web pages for Google search, optimized images, Google Ads and compelling page titles. The company also wished to lower their PPC costs which could be done with long-tail keywords, quality scores and new keyword variations.


Our team at Earn SEO analyzed the complexities and concluded that the skin-care and body treatment website needed SEO-friendly structural elements. The experts worked to make it keyword-rich that contributed to ranking the website higher on different search engines. This was the foremost way to drive business by transforming traffic into leads and prospects into customers. We conducted in-depth research to find high-volume relevant keywords that were incorporated in meta tags. Running a technical SEO audit, inserting the terms into targeted topics in the meta title and internally linking the website’s pages made it easier to crawl for Google.


Deploying the techniques gave a drastic push to the website and captured the attention of a large audience. Proper keyword placement helped Google notice the brand better. The posts included relevant videos and images, were constantly monitored, backlinks were obtained and most common client questions were answered.

The tangible results started showing roughly within the next 3-4 months. The traffic shot up significantly and the ROI showed more than a 100% increase. SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics was highly satisfied with our services and guidance.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Number of Ranked Kewords


Return on Investment