SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics SEO Case Study


SI Glam Glow is a skincare and esthetics business located in Staten Island in NY. It is run by Rolanna who is an acne expert. Clients with sun damage, clogged pores, fine lines, breakouts and premature ageing are guided with skin alchemy. She is also a licensed esthetician who identifies the root cause of skin issues and offers well-rounded care. From a balanced diet and the latest equipment to products and skincare routine, she provides complete individualized solutions.

Signature treatments here include Deep Cleansing Facial, ProCell Microchanneling, Glo2Facial, Microdermabrasion Facial, Microneedling, Hydrodern Facial and Teen Acne Facial. The result is smooth, plump and radiant-looking skin.
SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics started losing traffic 
Website Traffic Reduced by 95%.
 Started working to increase the visibility of the website online by 400%
Overall Traffics by network increased by 200%


SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics did have a presence in search engines. Yet their primary concern was higher exposure with low PPC cost. Budget bleeding is one of the most common PPC issues. So, the only possible solution was improvement in organic rankings to position important keywords on the top of SERP. Their existing content was of poor quality and lacked a structure. There were just a few backlinks and the overall organization of information was haphazard. With all of these, the chances of achieving a place on top of search engines was bleak.

Google constantly tweaks its search engine algorithm. Organic search works due to certain ranking factors created by search engines and are calculated based on algorithms. The core ones are content quality. So, the main challenge was to add rich content to the website and build strong links popularity to win in rankings.


The project manager from our Earn SEO team got in touch with SI Glam Glow and finalised a local SEO plan. It helped reach the local target audience with personalized geo-targeting. The company could see quick and real-time analytics with an SEO dashboard. Our team found that keywords like ‘skincare’ and ‘body treatment’ needed a push. HTML tags, headlines and images were included in the content. A national SEO plan was also in place that included SEO audit, on-page SEO, content writing and link building.

All of these are extremely effective in boosting visibility and traffic. PPC services were also present to minimize the ad spend while maximizing the reach. Diverse campaign types were available like display ads, text ads or remarketing. The team constantly monitored and reviewed the procedure to enhance effectiveness without increasing the expenses. The website was overall more creative and represented SI Glam Glow Skincare & Esthetics.


The support from the client was in the form of quick implementation of our suggestions. The SEO techniques of Earn SEO team was ethically deployed on the website which gave it a good traction in search engines. The tangible results appeared roughly in three to four months and traffic shot up significantly. Due to more leads and customers, the ROI showed over a 100% increase. SI Glam Glow was highly satisfied with the results. The site’s traffic increased significantly and the company started getting plenty of inquiries. We have been recommended by them to customers.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Number of Ranked Kewords


Return on Investment