What You Should Know about Google Helpful Content Update

Google Upcoming Update

Google is all set to launch its helpful content update. This is expected to be a massive search ranking algorithm update, which Google plans to begin rolling out this week. Google will notify when the update is initiated via its ranking updates page, and expects to the complete the roll out in two weeks. This could prove to be among the most significant changes in the search giant’s algorithms in over a decade.

By the People, For the People

Businesses create content in various forms, to be shared on their website, blog, offsite and social media channels. The ultimate objective of all this effort is to boost sales and the most cost-effective way to meet this goal is through SEO (search engine optimization). On the other hand, Google’s objective is to present readers with the most relevant and informative content, when a query is entered into the search engine.

Content creation already walks the thin line between getting good SEO ranking from Google and offering readers a great experience. Google’s latest helpful content update will give the search engine the capability to identify people-first content, or content that has been written by people, for people (rather than for search engines).

Google’s helpful content update is expected to give a higher ranking to content that offers visitors a more satisfying experience. Incorporating the SEO best practices will come as an additional value.

Good News or Bad News for Businesses?

Google’s helpful content update can be good news for some and bad news for others.

If you had made SEO top priority, even at the cost of impacting the readability of the content you shared, you have reason to be very worried about the latest update. It can significantly impact the ranking of your webpages.

In case the ranking of your website is currently very low, the Google’s latest update is a great opportunity, as it may level the playing field to some extent. By sharing content that is engaging, informative and valuable for readers, you can hope to get ahead of the curve even against the most formidable competitors.

What Your Business Should Do Post Google’s Update

  • Clearly define the target market of your business to ensure the content is highly targeted and non-generic.
  • Create content that highlights experience and expertise in the domain of your business.
  • Ensure your content strategy is focused and your website has a clear direction.
  • Make sure the content you share on your website or any platform leaves the reader feeling they have learned enough on a topic.
  • Avoid creating content on diverse topics that do not have a common theme.
  • Using automation to produce content is a big NO!
  • Ensure your website visitors have a truly wonderful experience.

Our experts, at Earn SEO, can help you with all this and more. We ensure intelligent on-page and off-page optimization, keeping in mind Google’s guidelines, people focus, and best practices to improve your website ranking on the search engine results page.

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