Penguin or Panda How to find out Which Google Update Impacted Your Website

Google is getting more stringent with its algorithm updates in order to return credible search results from quality content websites. It aims at penalizing web spam, click schemes and low quality content websites. Since both the updates were made hardly a week apart from each other, it is not easy to tell which algorithm update affected your website. But before you can work on improving the performance of your website, it is crucial to understand the very nature of the Google algorithm which got you penalized.


Ways to distinguish Penguin from Panda


Since Penguin algorithm and Panda algorithm updates target two different practices, it is better to identify their objectives in the beginning. You can waste a lot of time and effort if you’re acting on a problem that was caused by the Panda update but you believed it to be the effect of Penguin. So save yourself some time and discover ways to differentiate between the two:


Check the dates


Penguin update was launched on 24th April 2012, whereas Panda was a week before on 19th April 2012. You can use Google Analytics reporting tool which can give you a good idea of day-wise traffic on your website. From the graphs, you can easily make out the days when traffic was too low and whether that coincided with Panda update or Penguin.


Different targets


It is important to note what these cute animal updates target. So you can link it to your website content. The Panda algorithm is designed to attack poor content or duplicate content by excessive keyword stuffing. Whereas Penguin Algorithm update targets web spam, link schemes etc. The two algorithms tackle these issues separately and downgrade the rankings of such websites. Those penalized will not rank high in Google search results and as a consequence, lose out on traffic.


Rework your website


Study your website carefully keeping these pointers in mind. If you think you have used keywords excessively, most probably the Panda has punched you. On the other hand, too many ads and links make your website susceptible to a Penguin strike. So it’s better to make amends timely in order to get your website back on track and ticking with visitors.


Remember, you cannot cure a problem unless you correctly diagnose it. However, it’s always better to prevent rather than go looking for a cure when adversity strikes. So it is advisable to provide rich and useful content on your website for enhanced user experience. This way you need not even worry about attacks from these little Google animals in future.


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